A journal of my visit to the mythical island, 50 years after my family escaped.

Havana, Cuba

The next few days were a complete mind fuck. We boarded a time machine operated by American Airlines and landed on a 50 year old time capsule that came to life before our eyes.

Pinar del Rio, Cuba

We traveled 3 hrs west to the town where my family is from. When you leave Havana, you really see a whole other side of Cuba. The classic cars are few and far between. In fact, when you see an old car, it’s just old, there’s nothing classic about it. It is purely a means of transportation. The people aren’t mean but they aren’t as friendly as in Havana, probably because they don’t see many tourists. I don’t think tourists would want to come here unless you’re like me, searching for ghosts of the past.

Dad | Husband | Filmmaker | Learning something new every day. www.petecapo.com

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