A journal of my visit to the mythical island, 50 years after my family escaped.

People from all around the world go to Cuba all the time, but not so much from the US, and even less from Miami. My father’s family migrated, some even escaped, from Cuba after Fidel Castro took over the island in 1959. Ever since then it was considered blasphemy to go back. It meant that you supported Fidel’s communist regime. Needless to say, having been blessed enough to travel to farther points around the world, in my first 40 years of life I never traveled to an island that was a mere 90 miles away from the US. …

Also, how my taste in films may keep me from becoming a full-time narrative filmmaker.

Warning! Contains Spoilers.

I finished my work early on Monday and decided to head to the movies. What to watch? Oh, wait. That movie by the guy that made “The Lobster” is showing. Yes! Let’s do it. “Wife, it’s a horror film, you wouldn’t want to see it. Please pick up the kids.” Great! Permission to go alone. I’ve seen some of my favorite films alone at the theatre. There are usually very few people there. It’s a testament to my niche taste in films, or my being a fish out of water in South Florida. …

Pete Capo

Dad | Husband | Filmmaker | Learning something new every day. www.petecapo.com

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